What Area of Italy is Best for Your Next Vacation?

The alluring beauty of Tuscany. (credit)

Italy is a diverse and beautiful country that offers so many different types of holiday experiences. There are cities of art and culture, spectacular lush countrysides and panoramic coastlines. But what is best for you and your family? Vacation Perfect has a variety of luxury vacation rentals in Italy near the best attractions, which makes it easy to see more of Italy on your holiday. If you want to enjoy art, history and a lively city environment, there’s a place for you. Or if you want to explore the tranquil countryside of Italy, we have just the right home base for you to start that journey. Here are some ideas to help you decide what area is best for your luxury Italy vacation.


Rome is a popular destination for those interested in history. The Eternal City has played a leading role in world history for three thousand years. We offer nearly 50 vacation rentals in Rome, giving you plenty of options for discovering amazing historical sites.


Art admirers will find an abundance of inspiration in Florence – known as the birthplace of the Renaissance. Fully one-third of the recognized art treasures of the world are found in Florence. In addition, you can find great art to buy that includes crafts, ceramics, leather, clothing, antiques and fashion.


If your idea of a vacation is relaxing in the countryside with a glass of wine, Tuscany is perfect for you. Whether it is a regal villa or a charming rustic farmhouse, we have Tuscany villa rentals where you can savor views across the vineyards and olive groves for which Tuscany is famous.


Venice is an exceptional urban environment. It’s bustling with energy through the canals. Ride on one of the iconic gondolas or sit and sip an espresso at the world-famous Cafe Florian and Caffe Quadri, which feature live music ensembles.

Amalfi Coast

For those that want to enjoy the sea and some history, one of the best places in Italy is in the Amalfi Coast area. It’s easy to find stunning views on a boat tour or on top of a cliff overlooking the sea. You can visit Pompeii, take a boat trip to the island of Capri or have a real Neapolitan pizza after touring the amazing Naples National Archaeological Museum.

Find Which Region Is Right For You

Take a moment and think about what you and your guests would like to do on a luxury vacation in Italy. Vacation Perfect can accommodate any idea you have! Read our travel guide to Italy Perfect for more things to do and how to plan your vacation. Contact us on our website or call 1-888-520-2087 to learn about renting a vacation property in Italy.

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