Find Vacation Rentals in Rome’s Best Neighborhoods

Rome, the Eternal City, is a must-visit destination. It’s an incredible place that includes scenic views, rich history, welcoming locals and delicious food. As the Italian saying goes: “Roma, non basta una vita” (“Rome, a lifetime is not enough”). With so much to see and do, planning ahead is important, starting with which neighborhood to stay in. This is why you need to get to know the many neighborhoods in Rome. Some are suited for relaxation, while others offer phenomenal sightseeing options at your doorstep. Many of the most appealing neighborhoods in Rome include luxury vacation rentals through Vacation Perfect too. Read ahead to get an idea of what each Roman neighborhood has to offer, and then seek out a vacation rental with Italy Perfect because, without a doubt, there will be a place perfect for you.

The Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps neighborhood has a particular grandeur that one must appreciate in person. The Spanish Steps were built in the early 1700s to connect the Trinità dei Monti church with the Spanish Square. Besides walking The Spanish Steps, you can visit the Keats-Shelley House, the Fontana della Barcaccia or Babingtons Tea Room.

Piazza Navona and Pantheon

You can’t visit Rome without spending time to see Piazza Navona and also the Pantheon. They are two of the best places in the city to get a picture of Roman life, history and architecture. The Campo de’ Fiori area is a place to get lost among the sights. It’s a bustling area with artisanal boutiques, classical architecture, delicious pizzerias and plenty more. We have several vacation rentals in the area, making it an accessible area to see all this on foot.

Jewish Quarter And Piazza Mattei

The Jewish Quarter is one of the oldest parts of Rome. This is true because the Roman Jewish community has been in the neighborhood for more than 2,000 years, making it the oldest Jewish community in Europe. It’s a small neighborhood, but it’s packed with much to see and savor. You’ll find outstanding sights like Tempio Maggiore (the Great Synagogue) and the Via del Portico d’Ottavia street, which is filled with shops and restaurants.


In the Monti neighborhood, you will find chic boutiques, quaint stores, well-stocked wine shops and innovative jewelry. History buffs will love to see the Colosseum and the more than a dozen churches lining the streets. Remember to visit the Neo-Classic Palazzo delle Esposizioni, an art museum with a hidden cafe!


This lively neighborhood is located across the river from Imperial Rome and was originally an Etruscan settlement. The perfect place to begin exploring Trastevere is Piazza di Santa Maria, where you can see the grand Basilica of Santa Maria. For a relaxing stroll, try exploring the botanical gardens that were once the private gardens of Palazzo Corsini.

Live A Little In Rome

There is something for everyone, and depending on the Rome neighborhood you are staying in, you will find the perfect mix of relaxation and entertainment for your next Rome vacation. Book directly with Vacation Perfect for vacation rentals in the heart of Rome. To learn more about Rome, read our travel guide to Italy Perfect for more things to do and how to plan your vacation. Contact us on our website or call 1-888-520-2087 for the best vacation rental in Rome.

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